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My name is Daniar Heri Kurniawan, I finished my BS in Computer Science at Bandung Institute of Technology. I am the founder of Sci-Learn and co-founder of Komunitas Avatar at https://a.vatar.club I am an extrovert who interacts well with people. I like to set goals and I am very persistent in achieving them. Moreover, I love programming because everything is programmable.

Even though I made some simple applications but I believe that everything big comes from the simple one. As long as we have the right goals to create our programs, I am sure we can make our world easier.

Daniar Heri Kurniawan

Jalan Plesiran No. 52/56, Tamansari, Bandung
[email protected]
(+62) 8988 306 907

My motivation is to do my best wherever I am and whatever position I am in. Basically, I want to make my family proud of me and make them happy. I believe that the way we think is the main source of a strong motivation. I love challenges, so when I face an unexpected problem, I am pretending that it is my new challenge that needs to be solved.

I am excellent in working with computer. I am studying and practicing about how to develop software and about team management because it is impossible to make a great software only by myself.


Hi!! My name is Daniar Heri Kurniawan, you can call me Daniar. I am building this website for sharing information. I believe that this website can help me to be much more known through this infinite world. Although it is just a simple website, but I did my best for creating every detail of its parts. You will know me well after reading each section of my pages.


I should be better than yesterday and I want to learn something new from yesterday. Yesterday already passed so that's why focusing to the future is the best decision. I am not living without dreaming. Now or never! Let's get prepared!


I like to set short term goals and long term goals. I let my friends know about my plan because I believe that they will remind me when I forgot.


I want to be happy. Happy is not about having too much free time, but happiness is a condition when I can do something new and achieve my goals. Moreover, I would like to be a lecturer for sharing my knowledge and a socio-preneur


Don't hesitate to contact me for more details!

Cari Kos

Web Based Application

Taman Kita

Web Based Application

News Agregator

Web Based Application


Desktop Game

Rock Slice

Desktop Application


Desktop Application

Tweet Analayzer

Web Based Application

Enigma Mobile

Mobile Application

Web Crawler

Web Based Application

String Matching Algorithm



  • September 2015 - Present

    UCare Laboratory of the University of Chicago

    Student Researcher

    Research area of UCare Lab are cloud computing and distributed system. This Lab is run by PhD students of Chicago University under supervision of their professors.

    Focus on studying bugs at cloud computing and distributed system such as Couchbase, Hadoop, and Cassandra.

    Having weekly report and assignment that teach me to stay focus even under pressure.

  • July - September 2017

    CERN Openlab Summer Student

    Research Student – Geneva, Swiss

    CERN Openlab and the IT-CDA Group in collaboration with UNOSAT are investigating novel technologies for facilitating satellite maps navigation and comparisons using VR.

    There were only 37 international students selected among 1580 applicants from all around the world.

    I developed an animated 3D model of Ab-Barak landslide on Microsoft Hololens.

  • November 2016 (10 days)

    Computer Science Laboratories, Toyohashi University of Technology

    TUT International Student Program 2016 - Toyohashi, Japan

    TUT is among an elite group of 22 universities selected for the Japanese government funded program, the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities.

    I shared my experience and my research plan that tailored to TUT’s research activity.

    I got an offer to do the research at TUT as part of Master Degree Research Program.

  • July - November 2016

    AIESEC in Bandung

    International Relation Coordinator - Bandung, Indonesia

    In 1949, AIESEC was established at Stockholm Congress. AIESEC is now present in more than 125 countries, with more than 80,000 members and 5,000 partners.

    International relation is a collaboration among entities (Local Committees) to support each other in terms of exchanging member and giving the best experience that AIESEC has promised.

  • September 2015 - February 2016

    Hasegawa Laboratory, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Research Student - Ishikawa, Japan

    We were developing Sci-Learn, e-Learning platform, and also the multi agent system to simulate user’s behavior and evaluate the new feature of Sci-Learn. (https://sci-learn.com).

    Sci-Learn is developed for scalability purpose.

    The general idea of Sci-Learn is to combine Social Network (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) with gamification to increase learners’ engagement.

  • September - November 2015

    TD&Company Limited

    Intern as Software Engineer

    The main business of TD&Company are SAP consulting service, global helpdesk service, system service, and management service. There are seven overseas branches including Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherland, and Germany.

    Run software testing for the new ERP Software called Multibook.

    Implemented authentication module in the Spring Framework controller and Angular JS controller that will be used to authenticate more than 50 modules.

  • September 2015 - November 2015

    Global Digital Prima (GDP) Venture Inc.

    Intern as Software Engineer

    GDP Venture is one of the leading strategic investor located in Jakarta. They invest in early and growing stages of new companies in information technology industry such as Kaskus.co.id and Blibli.com.

    Reduced query time by 98% by migrating databases to Amazon Redshift.

    Reduced query time by 50% by optimizing old query that used by the company for retrieving data.

  • December 2014 - January 2015

    AIESEC Student Exchange Program

    Intern at Sawadee Project (Thailand)

    AIESEC is the biggest international student organization. AIESEC has various projects that can develop our team work skills and enhance our abilities through experiencing the culture of another country.

    This project aims to teach student and teacher in a rural area of Thailand about English. I am also as International Relation team of this project since some students from Indonesia join this project and we need to make sure that they get what they should get during this project.

  • 2014 - 2015

    Code for Bandung

    Software Analyst

    Code for Bandung is a project that having purpose to support smart city development in Bandung. This project is funded by US organization.

    We work together directly with Bandung’s government to make their job easier by using software that we have built.

  • 2014 - Present

    Student Association of Bandung Institute of Technology

    Deputy Chief of Internal Relation

    Student association is managed by cabinet as the highest executive organization at Bandung Institute of Technology.

    We organize some events that could build friendship among the staff of student association cabinet, because they need to work and collaborate together as a family.

  • 2014 - Present

    Informatics Student Association of Bandung Institute of Technology

    Staff of extra campus division

    Informatics student association is dedicated to the advancement and development of informatics student’s ability, sociality, and proficiency. There are some divisions that focus on specific task, e.g. extra-campus.

    We are responsible for every event that come from outside of campus, including exhibit that collaborate with the alumni, international conference, international or national informatics competition and even campus or company tour.

  • 2014 - Present

    Syamsi Dhuha Foundation


    Syamsi Dhuha Foundation is a foundation that care on lupus and low vision. SDF was awarded Sasakawa Health Prize 2012 for having innovative programs. (www.syamsidhuhafoundation.org)

    We need to collaborate with another member and the staff to do some activities that can help / support people who are suffering on lupus and low vision.

    We make some innovative programs to educate society about lupus and low vision.

  • 2013 - 2014

    Inkubator IT

    Staff of marketing division

    Inkubator IT (IIT) is a department under informatics student association that aims to be trusted software house. IIT build some projects based on user demand.

    We manage advertisements, promotions, public relations and sales of IIT’s products.

    We want to make IIT well known by participating in some attractive events.

  • 2012 - Present

    Trenggalek Education Group

    Physics and Mathematics Teacher

    Trenggalek is my home town where I build this community. The purpose is to increase education quality of my underdeveloped town. We teach some junior and high school’s lessons for free.

    We focus on National Science Olympiad preparation because we believe that every Trenggalek student has a chance to be the winner even though he/she comes from poor family.

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